Sellers RIGHTSIZING OR DOWNSIZING: THE WHO, WHAT, WHEN, AND WHYS Scroll down to discover some extraordinary day trips this Fall!   I write this post from my own perspective as I encounter(ed) this need and desire with my own parents, clients, and now personally, as I start to analyze our empty nester’s challenges, changes, and necessities. I have experienced, alongside my buyers and sellers, our […]
Home Strategies Rightsizing vs. Downsizing Rightsizing vs. Downsizing Making A Positive Lifestyle Choice Are you finding that the home you have lived in for years simply does not fit your lifestyle any longer? Maybe there is too much space for you to maintain, or perhaps taking care of the yard is difficult now that your teenagers have moved away to […]
Home Strategies Buy your college kid a property? Does It Make Sense to Buy Your College Kid a Property? How much are you paying for room and board at college for your child(ren) if they venture out of your home for an education? Buying a property for those 4 years (or longer) is more common than you would think. I am seeing this […]
Home Strategies Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season Following a home maintenance checklist is a great way to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. Reviewing them seasonally helps spread out costs and keeps things more practical so that you don’t become inundated. Here’s a useful home maintenance checklist of tasks for each season, as well as items to tackle monthly and yearly. […]
Probate Family, Probate & Real Estate in Uncertain Times Someone you love grows old and absent-minded, or regrettably, passes. Suddenly, you are given a title beyond friend, uncle, granddaughter, mother, son…and now POA, PR, Executor/Executrix, or Conservator. These are defined by Investopedia: You have Power of Attorney in a situation where someone passes who may have had disabilities, mental incompetence, dementia or other. A […]
Probate A Valuable Assist One of the most distressing and difficult times I have been through was dealing with the loss of my parents, then contending with the selling of their home and dispensing of their property. It made me appreciate—and dread—all the complex details that required addressing. I have since found as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist® […]
Home Strategies Housing Strategies I am thrilled to announce that the Weston Select Board has appointed me, a long-time resident of Weston, and a MA licensed REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Realty of Newton, to the Weston Housing Production Plan Committee (HPP). The HPP is a proactive and studied means towards developing affordable housing that is in keeping with the […]
News Shelter or Sanctuary? We are entering a whole new concept of work life balance during this time when working from home is the new norm for many of us. Have you thought about changes you’d make to your home’s design or architecture? What might you do differently if you were to sell your home and buy another? So […]
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Buyers Instinct or Virtual Reality? Technology that Brings Your Home to Buyers – Wherever They Are If you’ve been thinking about selling, only to be blind-sided by recent market instability and the concerns brought on by the virus, your instinct might be to hold off and stay put. That’s understandable, but consider this: interest rates are at an all-time low […]
Covid Isolation Your Own Private Paradise If you have spent the last four months in Covid-19 isolation, I bet, like me, you are dreaming about how to get away. Far away. Like to your own island. Sound like a fantasy? Well, my research indicates it can be more of a reality than one would think. Where shall we look? The Aegean? Caribbean? Seychelles? Pacific Northwest?
News Where There’s a Will… I Know the Way Maybe you’ve worked with an exceptional REALTOR® in buying or selling your home—and of course that’s important to work with someone you trust again. However, if you are looking to sell a home that’s in probate, you may need someone quite different with the knowledge and skills to navigate this difficult terrain. The American Bar Association […]
News MOVE TO BOSTON! Whether you are rightsizing from Wellesley or coming from Chicago, these are words of wisdom coming from having lived here all my life. The City of Boston has 23 “sanctioned” neighborhoods and often, within these, you’ll find smaller communities. These enclaves define areas such as Kenmore Square, Cleveland Circle, the Charlestown Navy Yard, Ashmont, Bay […]
News Stages and Ages I spent this past weekend with my sons in New York City. We had a blast! One of them lives in an area that is slowly (for now) undergoing change. Knowing what’s coming down the line, I urged him to follow the market, sock money away, and buy ASAP for an investment—even if it’s a studio—as […]