Home Strategies October 29, 2020

Housing Strategies

I am thrilled to announce that the Weston Select Board has appointed me, a long-time resident of Weston, and a MA licensed REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker Realty of Newton, to the Weston Housing Production Plan Committee (HPP). The HPP is a proactive and studied means towards developing affordable housing that is in keeping with the Town’s own affordable housing policies and preferences. It is not a construction plan, but more specifically, is intended to communicate to the Town and the State how Weston can address its affordable housing responsibilities. This plan contains three elements, which include:

  • a comprehensive assessment of Weston’s housing needs
  • affordable housing goals to meet the needs
  • strategies towards achieving the goals.

In my discussions with the Select Board, I made clear two key principles that would guide my participation:

  • my deep sense of appreciation of the change that the Town has experienced over the last two decades, especially in regard to housing stock, real estate development, values, as well as a formidable aging and shrinking younger population;
  • that change will come to the Town no matter what, and the smart way to deal is to guide and manage it with intention, through a viable plan with flexible housing options, or the Town be steamrolled by external forces.