What My Clients Say

Carol K. | Cambridge

I would like to recommend my real estate agent, Cheryl Alpert, for any of one's real estate needs. I recently retained her services for the sale of a condominium. She began the process by evaluating my property and recommending alterations and improvements that made my home more marketable to the audience of the area. Cheryl provided lots of comps and backup information regarding similar local properties so that I could make an educated decision regarding pricing. She also has access to the various service providers necessary to put the sales package together. She responded quickly whenever I needed to connect with her. And by the way, the brochures were fabulous! Once the property was listed I received daily activity reports, and within days we had 46 visitors, 12 offers to choose from and it sold for well over asking. Cheryl follows through cheerfully from the initiation of the process through to the end. She makes it fun too!

Heather & Mike D. | Brookline

Thanks to Cheryl, we are doing something that is unheard of in Brookline: building a single-family house from scratch! We are so excited that she helped us find this rare opportunity through one of her deep and extensive range of contacts in the Boston area. She has been an advocate for us and throughout the whole process, and she supported us at every turn, and had our back with all of the different players throughout the complicated and lengthy process.

As our agent, Cheryl was extremely responsive to all of our requests and helped us navigate the entire transaction, from the initial search right up to the to closing. She knows the market extremely well and listened to our needs to ensure we got the right home for us.

You would be lucky to have Cheryl on your side!

Andrew Y. | West Roxbury

We were looking for a condo that had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with a reasonable price in the Boston area. Our requirement was difficult to meet due to the housing market in the area. I am grateful that Cheryl was able to find us the property that met our requirement. Cheryl worked tirelessly from drafting the offer letter to the negotiation of getting our offer accepted from multiple bids. During the process, we encountered many challenges from the seller’s side who did not respond promptly when timely information was needed. Cheryl advocated for me to resolve issues with the seller’s agent and lender. Finally, I want to thank Cheryl for helping us to get the property that we love. I admire her work ethics that she is very responsive to all of our requests even on holidays and her vacation.

Mike C. | Walpole

Cheryl was a great agent to work with. When trying to find the right place she helped show me a variety of types of homes from houses to condos to townhouses. She helped me narrow down what I actually wanted and was able to constantly give me customized lists of places that fit my need. During the visits she was a valuable resource for showing what was and wasn’t good about a property. When getting to buying, she was extremely helpful and was there during every part of a very stressful process. She was on top of it all and helped me drag it to the finish line after a couple of bumps. She was willing to go to bat for me when it was getting rough and I greatly appreciated it.

Marsha H. | Framingham

Thank you for all of the time and effort that you have put into my new home search. I was not the easiest of clients, being that I was unsure of what I would want or could afford. I was simultaneously asking to be shown a variety of possibilities. You took your time to drive me to the locations of interest; I did not know exactly where I wanted to live or what kind of property. You offered a variety of resources to assist me throughout the process. Connecting with other professionals, who enabled you to deliver quality recommendations, was a great asset while searching in areas that I was not previously familiar with. Cheryl, thank you as well for your timely and regular communications. Your sending texts, emails and placing phone calls to keep me informed and updated made a huge difference.

Marilyn B. | Somerville

I highly recommend working with Cheryl as your real estate agent! From personal experience, I know that she is dedicated to her clients and truly wants to find each that very special place called home. Cheryl truly listens to what you want, provides constructive feedback, and in partnership with you, she works tirelessly to secure the property that is right for you. On top of her business expertise, Cheryl is fun! She takes the stress out of what could be a very stressful process. You will enjoy working with her!

Debra S. | Roslindale

Three heartfelt words. Thank you, Cheryl. I searched for a realtor who sincerely cares, who would take time to understand (and anticipate) my needs, patiently listen to my concerns, fiercely advocate on my behalf, promptly and unfailingly respond to my messages, and work collaboratively with all parties involved in the home buying process. Equally important, Cheryl befriended me, encouraged me to stay optimistic and guided me every step of the way leading to the purchase of my new home. I repeat – thank you Cheryl. I unreservedly recommend your services to anyone and everyone who is searching for a professional and results oriented realtor!

Raquel & Brunno G. | Milford

Cheryl is a great realtor who is very efficient, persistent and knowledgeable. She’s very professional and always kept us up to date with everything we needed to know and was always ready to offer us professional advice. We would definitely recommend Cheryl because we know she will go above and beyond for her clients.

Jason W. | Mortgage Professional

Cheryl, I wanted to take moment to commend you on your tenacious efforts to look out for the clients’ best interest throughout the home purchase process. As a mortgage professional, who has owned a real estate company, I am acutely aware of the fact that half the job of the real estate agent is doing your job and the other half is making sure everyone else does theirs. It is a difficult task at best, and occasionally you may even step on a few toes, but when the buyer becomes the homeowner there is an immense feeling of accomplishment, knowing you played a vital part in the process. Thanks again.

Heather & Matthew M. | Pepperell

Moving to the Boston area was an overwhelming experience, but Cheryl helped ease that burden. She was communicative and easy to get ahold of, and always took time to do research and line up properties for us–whether weeknight, weekend, or holiday. More than simply the business side of things, she seemed to genuinely care about the well-being of our family and was frankly more of an advocate for us than we were for ourselves. We sought her assistance on more than one occasion, and she’ll absolutely be the first person we call when we need the services of a realtor again.

Matt and Sandy - Brookline

> My wife and I were looking for a 2 bedroom condo in Brookline. Thankfully, Cheryl was recommended to us as an agent and that could not have worked out better! Cheryl was very informative and helpful. She always listened to what our feedback was when looking at potential places and incorporated that feedback into the next set of showings. Cheryl was always helpful, but never pushy. She always made us feel like this was our process, not hers, and she was here to help in any way that we could. After months of looking, we found the right place for us. Cheryl was instrumental in making sure every last detail of the deal came together for us. Cheryl was there for us throughout the process and beyond! We can’t thank her enough for all she did. We would not hesitate to use her again if the need arises.

> Matt and Sandy