Property Consultation

Property Consultants advise clients about real estate decisions. Sometimes, customers are individuals or couples looking to buy a residence to live in or a property in which to invest in for profit. REALTOR® consultants provide advice and information that helps residential and investment clients make smart buying or selling decisions. A real estate consultant must have extensive knowledge about the local market and investment opportunities, experience as a REALTOR®, and excellent communication skills.

Real estate consultants unbundle the items in the typical real estate package and charge hourly rates for their work. Each is billed separately at the real estate consultant’s negotiated rate.

If I’m assisting buyers who want to purchase investment property, I might offer a range of services, such as:

Location Advice: My scouting locations and identifies properties that satisfy my clients’ criteria.

Market Information: I would provide information on local market conditions and property values and offer projections regarding future growth. Appropriate for any buyer who isn’t sure they’re ready to buy but would like some guidance on the market.

Competitive Analysis: My report topics may include property comparisons, information sales price and revenue trends and investment advice.

When representing a seller, my services may include:

Property Valuation: I may perform an assessment of the property and recommend a range of sales prices.

Marketing Advice: I may provide recommendations regarding marketing strategies and upgrades that may increase the sales price or facilitate a quick sale.

Determination of Target Market: Is the potential buyer from the same town, experiencing relocation, desirous of a particular kind of home such as an equestrian property or secondary residence. This would influence any outcomes.

If I’m assisting existing owners who want to know more about what they can do to improve the value of their property, I might assess:

Move or Improve: Work with an architect to determine whether it is best to renovate or add to the home.

Ancillary Buildings: Should these be added, renovated, torn down or consider for best use.

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