A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Remove some burdens, remove some disputes

Emblem for Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist from the US Probate Service.

If you’re managing the sale of a property which belongs to the estate of someone who has recently passed, you may well find yourself overwhelmed and challenged by the complicated probate and estate settlement process.

I work with Personal Representatives, Conservators, Executors/Executrix, and heirs in achieving a sale that is profitable and timely as well as act as an unbiased adviser throughout the real estate sale.

With traditional sales, it may take an average of three weeks to get an offer for the home—and you are free to choose whether or not to accept the offer. When you’re the executor or personal representative selling a home during probate, you’re acting in the interest of the decedent’s estate. This means you’ll need to follow state probate laws and any potential directives from the probate court judge when setting the price and, in some cases, the timeline.

Should you find yourself in that position, you should look to a REALTOR® with a CPRES® certification such as myself. I received my training through US Probate Services, an organization dedicated to aiding people through a stress-filled transaction, to help you as a seller avoid legal hassles over wills, estates and asset distribution to heirs. Additionally, there are probate-specific details that your agent needs to stay on top of, such as using the proper probate contracts, listing the home as a probate property, and making disclosures specific to probate.

In addition to being that trusted adviser, some of the advantages that I bring as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist include:

  • Selling expertise with an eye toward minimizing risk for disagreement between heirs;
  • Help with inspections, bids, home repairs;
  • Access to an extensive network and resources, especially important when the heirs live out of town;
  • Support during the probate process; and,
  • Knowledge of estate settlements and wills.

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I look forward to being of help to you should you find yourself in need.

Gavel image courtesy of Quince Creative on Pixabay.