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Rightsizing vs. Downsizing

Rightsizing vs. Downsizing

Making A Positive Lifestyle Choice

Are you finding that the home you have lived in for years simply does not fit your lifestyle any longer? Maybe there is too much space for you to maintain, or perhaps taking care of the yard is difficult now that your teenagers have moved away to college.

While household sizes have been shrinking over the past several decades, the square footage of homes has been increasing. Studies show that only about 30 percent of a home’s space is used 90 percent of the time. The majority of Americans spend most of their time in one of three rooms: the kitchen, the family room, or the bedroom. And if necessary, the office.

The pandemic showed that we wanted rooms that we could call our own, yards to relax in, room to move around without feeling crowded. At the same time, it has driven an urge to simplify and live a life that was “attainable” and without so many burdens. Perhaps our needs have changed as we consider layout, access, and location more than ever before.

Rightsizing is described as the process of understanding how you live, decluttering your life, and moving to a new, often smaller, space which you can more fully utilize. Downsizing generally refers to moving from a larger, more expensive, home into something more manageable. Downsizing often has a negative connotation, as people tend to think of downsizing and less square footage as a dramatic change. Rightsizing, on the other hand, is the pursuit of living better in a smaller space by making the most out of every square foot—and using and enjoying all the room you have.

Often, we make changes due to a change in circumstances, or to reduce effort, cost, or complications in our environment. So many of us have followed the path that told us that success was best demonstrated in a large, spacious home, filled with wonderful furniture and objects, and a large happy family. But what happens when the kids are gone, and we are tired of or bored with all of that?

Instead of “down” sizing – which implies loss of something – maybe we should consider what we gain by “right” sizing. What are the very real benefits that come from living in an environment that is customized or “rightsized” from the start. Rightsizing is about a new kind of life goal – a more attuned lifestyle. Downsizing can be arduous— sacrificing space, giving up amenities, losing what we worked so hard to build and accomplish.

I’m here to help you find the perfect solution—with all the comfort, beauty, and convenience you deserve. Not to mention a whole world of opportunities and amenities right outside your door. Don’t worry about finding the right resources to make the transition as easy can be—I have access to all the help you need!


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